Open Rails v1.0 Getting Closer


Open Rails v1.0 is getting closer…

According to a recent post on the Elvas Tower forums, it’s not long until v1.0 of Open Rails will be ready. There’s been a lot of discussion over just where the cutoff should be for MSTS compatibility in order to declare a 1.0 version. As of now, it looks as if the last few un-met milestones will be held off for version 1.1 and the current state will be wrapped up in preparation for a 1.o release.

There’s still work to be done; primarily in the realm of updates to the documentation, the creation of an installer for version 1.0, updates to the Open Rails website, and even a demo route (Which may likely need to be self-contained, with no MSTS assets or dependencies).

Open Rails has come a long way in the last year or so — not only with excellent compatibility with MSTS routes and assets, but with the first steps into new improvements, including an entirely new timetable operation system, multiplayer features and the beginnings of support for 3D cabs ,to name a few.

There is no date set for a 1.0 release yet — but it’s probably safe to say that 2015 should be a banner year for Open Rails development!

Correctly-Sized, Configurable Digital Displays Now in Open Rails With New .CVF File Statement

Open Rails now includes a syntax which can be applied to .CVF files which allows you to modify the fonts used in digital cab displays. This is a huge improvement over the previous one-size-fits-all treatment in Open Rails. All it takes is adding and configuring a line in the .CVF file for each digital display in the cab, and it wont affect how MSTS handles it if you run in both sims.

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Open Rails Short Horn Blast Fix – Another Solution For “Unfixable” Horns

An early problem in Open Rails, and one which hung around for a bit, was an inability to play a short horn blast — something necessary for common horn signals, including the usual North American long-long-short-long pattern for grade crossings. The basic horn behavior was resolved fairly quickly, but there were still a significant number of horns & whistles that didn’t play correctly, instead playing out a full-length blast regardless. The issue was figured out in the community and resolved by editing or adding in cue points (where they were non-existant) in the sound effect .WAV files. That has been the standard fix for a large variety of horns that don’t play correctly in Open Rails. Unfortunately, there have still been a few “unfixable” ones that didn’t improve with editing the cue points in a sound editor.

The solution turns out to be a parameter in the .SMS file that determines how the horn sound is triggered and stopped.

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