New Web Host

Good free web hosts are hard to find. The first one started out great, but then performance dropped. Once that as fixed, it improved but then came and went as the host operators blamed abusers of the service, but never seemed to be able to do much about it. Then it was sold, and ads were inserted. Then mail forwarding broke, supposedly just for my site, but magically it fixed itself. Every problem reported got the response of, “you could always upgrade to a Premium Account…” If this is how free users get treated, are what do I get for paying? Finally, after a pop-under ad debacle, it was time to jump. I had been parking on this new host for some time, “just in case.”

Everything should be working fine, although you might notice a few things out of place in the sidebar until the migration is complete. Links and articles should all be working fine, and once I have the forwarder set up, I’ll open up the “Contact” page.

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