Elvas Tower Forums on Hold

Elvas Tower Forums on Hold

Due to a frivolous potential DMCA-related action, the Elvas Tower forums are temporarily “on hold.” New members can’t join, and the MSTS-specific forum section is offline. Open Rails and other forum sections are still operational, but only for current members —  so the “shop” is effectively locked for the time being.

It’s a very unfortunate turn of events propagated by a particular individual. I have no desire to name anyone or go into specifics, but it’s safe to say that Elvas Tower itself has done nothing wrong. The board has been targeted by someone angered over being legitimately rebuked for inappropriate conduct.

In the best-case scenario, everything will right itself and things will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

If not, then Elvas Tower will need to change or re-form, or even close down (at worst).

Sic transit gloria mundi…

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