We’re Back!

2020 was a banner year for troublesome times, to say the least. My hosting company added to it with hefty price increases, so I decided to back up the site and take it down. Probably for a month or two… Which stretched on and on into nearly the end of 2021.

Here we are then, back again. The site should be virtually unchanged outside of a few required updates to the underlying software. There are some other unseen changes; I now own the entire domain that this site has been a subdomain of for years. It’s long belonged to a close associate of mine who has run various IT security projects, but never made use of the domain except for internal things. So, now it’s mine to do with entirely as I want. With the move away from MSTS to Open Rails, primarily, I might work in some new naming/branding in the future. We’ll see.

I also have a partnership of sorts with a long-time friend who spends time in the new Microsoft Flight SImulator and other games. There could be some cross-over eventually.

For now though, look for an entry or two on the newest release of Open Rails, and whatever else comes this way.


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