Intel Z170 “Skylake” i7-6700K PC Build

In late 2015, I finally built a new custom PC for sims and gaming based on the latest Intel Z170 chipset and the Intel “Skylake” series I7 processor. The new machine is intended to be cutting-edge now, and should remain upgradeable and provide excellent performance for the next five years or more. There’s been a lot going on with it — not only was I creating a custom build based on some very new parts, but Windows 10 was also new on the scene, so there was much to do in the way of “dialing in” the new system. What follows is the full-step-by step of the hardware assembly.

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i7 PC Build: Tech Notes

Every new custom PC build is a bit of an experiment. You may know all the specs of the components, but once it’s all assembled, it’s time to find out if your expectations were correct, or if there are any hidden issues to work out. The PC I built in the earlier accompanying article began by running completely within my expectations, then quickly exceeded them, and all at a rather reasonable cost for a high-performance computer — around $1600 US dollars. The rest of this article will go into more depth on the design choices of the build and how it all worked out.

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Fix a Broken Power Switch Connector On a Mac Mini (Original Style Case)

The older original design Mac Mini has a known flaw where the connector for the power switch may separate from the motherboard, rendering the computer useless. The standard (and expensive — around $300 US!) is to replace the motherboard. Not a good investment on an old computer. But here’s how to perform a simple fix to get the Mini back in action, more appropriate for an old machine that’s probably not going to be kept around forever.

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